Buy to let: 

The attractive
purchase and leaseback model

Your hotel property in Narzissen Vital Resort

You have probably already read or heard about this profitable investment opportunity: you buy a hotel suite and lease it back to the hotel operator so that it can continue to be operated and rented out profitably as part of the hotel’s operations. Both sides profit from such an arrangement. It is not for nothing that this buy-to-let model is popular with investors. 

Key points:

  • The buyers benefit from the hotel operator's know-how and can currently expect high occupancy rates and equally lucrative returns. There is a reason why this buy-to-let model is so popular with investors. Contact us; we would be delighted to advise you! 
  • The purchase of the property is free of commission for the buyer.
  • This is a commercial property that is used exclusively for tourism and may not be registered as a primary or secondary residence.
  • Since this is a commercial property, the VAT on the purchase price is refundable if the tax requirements are met.
  • You can also use the property for your own vacation. Own use is therefore possible. This also applies to relatives, friends and business partners of the investor, as long as the reservation is made through the investor.
  • After the quota of own use days is used up, you can enjoy your vacation outside the peak season periods at discounted rates.
  • With the purchase of your suite at the Narzissen Vital Resort, you are therefore investing in both your asset accumulation and your dream vacation in Ausseerland!

More questions?

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Conversion and construction in three phases:

The spacious hotel suites at the Narzissen Vital Resort will undergo a refresh from 2023. Subsequently, five new buildings with high-quality new hotel apartments and suites are expected to be built step by step.


Phase 1

Newly adapted hotel suites in four categories are currently being offered for sale in phase 1 (refurbishment of hotel block 2). Stylish, spacious, comfortable. Block 2 is marked with a green circle on the map.

Phase 2

It is planned to expand the resort with two new properties (hotel-apartment blocks 4 and 5) in phase 2. At the same time, the lobby will be renovated and the restaurant expanded.

Phase 3

In phase 3, three more buildings (blocks 3, 6 and 7) are expected to create space for relaxation. Finally, a new natural lake (bathing pond) is to be added to the complex and thus further enhance the project.